Alhamdulillah, I'm Chosen To Be The Winner

Two weeks ago, I started inviting almost anyone in Facebook to like MooGoo Indonesia fan page. I did not lie to them that if they were willing to like it, and if I won the competition to invite most people to like it then I would be awarded an irritable balm for my baby. Luckily, I have got so many caring ang attentive mates. Almost all of them were willing to do so. Then finally the due date of the competition came, it was two days ago, as requirement I captured the print screen of the page to show how many friends of mine had like it.

156 was my final effort, yaayy
Then on the following day, I received an email that told me:

Hi sis Titih,
Terima kasih atas partisipasinya.
Sis Titih adalah pemenangnya, hadiah akan kami kirim ke alamat yang dikasih sis Titih.

Alhamdulillah, thank you Alloh for giving me another kindest surprise.

and of course thank you all my friends for participating :)

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