Meeting The Boss and The Geng

It was two days after our marriage held in Bandung, a beautiful Tuesday I would spend with a special man I just married. Our plan that day was visiting his work place in order to fulfill the welcome-back-home-party with his best buddies from a training program for civil servants-to-be held precisely a year and half ago. Absolutely, we haven't met that time. Besides, he has a responsibility to take care all the things have to do with administration stuff of being a civil servant (kinds of archive that must be filled out, one of them is an archive of wife back up allowance).
We went there by his historical motor bike. It was the very first time for me to ride a motor bike with a guy very closely and tightly, even I tied up my hands over his hips ^^. It took us around an hour to be there, quite a trip I guess since it was undergone by motor bike that's always able to run as fast as it can and it can cut in whenever and wherever there is a probability.
In the campus, we headed directly to Rector office to meet one of the staff, named Pa Ahmadi, who had helped my husband taking care of things related to the admission to the university he attends now. When we came in to the office, another staff told us that he was away for a while. That caused us to get to other building adn rooms in order that we could meet my husband's colleagues to greet and say goodbye before leaving Indonesia for Korea.
After going around and saying hi as well as goodbye, we went back to the office of Rector to accomplish our mission to meet Pa Ahmadi. Finally, he was there in the office. Then my husband chatted with him quite long time. My husband's fellas called his cell phone several times. I had to pick it up and answer it. "Will you two be here sooner?" "We're really sorry, we'll be there any minutes." Then it was still the following minutes they conversed even more closely.
Then it came to the moment that my husband and I never imagined that the Rector would like to meet us. There we were in his wide, elegant room. He asked a couple questions regarding my husband's experience studying here in Korea. My husband did not forget to give the souvenir for him both from Korea (Ginseng tea) and Russia (a bar of chocolate).
After around 45 minutes, we excused ourselves to him since we thought my husband's friends had waited too long. As always, we had a picture taken together with special person like him. here it is:
*Mr. Komarudin Hidayat, the Rector a.k.a my husband's boss

Afterwards, we headed to a Bakso restaurant, named Bakso Atom near the campus to meet my husband's chums, the geng. it was so fun knowing them. They're pretty cool, out going, friendly, and chatter box ;p. I like them. And here they are:
*the geng: from left ~ bang Naif, my hubby, me, (forgot his name, sorry :), mba Tia, bu Maya

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